December 26, 2007

Christmas dinner, Mom's turn

Since Lav's side of the family is down in San Diego, Christmas dinner was just me, Lav and Mom. Lav and I both like having everyone together for the holidays, so we're a little bummed out that we couldn't share the meal with everyone... but at least she'll be able to see them over the next few days.

Here in San Ramon, Mom pretty took care of everything for dinner. While she was cooking, Lav and I polished off some leftovers from yesterday and also had some incredibly fresh pistacchios from Santa Barbara, courtesy of Ron and Joyce. I love Mom's cooking; nothing can match the way it hits the spot like good comfort food should... a great final meal in the Bay Area, perfect in its simplicity and familiarity.

chinese style cold roast beef
star anise, soy-sauce egg, pickled cucumber, bell pepper, snap pea

fried rice noodles
pork, napa cabbage, snap peas, shiitake mushrooms

fried prawns
panko crust, tonkatsu sauce

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  1. if you are EVER lonely/longing for guests or a full house when eating a meal like this, call me... and i'll come running! :)