April 20, 2013

soop naw mai

I'm in D.C. for one final work trip here in D.C. before the baby comes, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go: Little Serow.

This place has been open for a year and a half now, and it's still jammed, with lines extending around the block as people try to get their name on the list before they book up for the evening, usually in the first 10-15 minutes.

Flying solo, I totally lucked out and scored a seat at the bar at 8 pm with no wait. It was a coincidentally unfilled seat because of an odd number of people for the seatings. My parking karma has extended to restaurant seatings!

This place is serving some legit Thai food... Spicy, sour, funky... My taste buds took a beating tonight.  This plate of grilled bamboo and barely cooked shrimp was outstanding. One of the best things I've tasted all year. Couple the great food with some of the nicest servers I've encountered, and it's no wonder the crowds are still jamming this place.

April 13, 2013

now this is tasty stuff

Fresh made bánh cuốn, filled with pork and wood ear mushrooms, topped with pork sausage and fried shallots. Made by Mr. Chau--who steams the rice sheets fresh, to order--at Ba Bar on weekends. Oh man, so good.