January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

So it's January 1, and I have just a few general resolutions relating to food:

1. Focus on simplicity.
2. Cook with a belligerent emphasis on seasonality.
3. Practice making the things I've never been good at, like ice creams.
4. Waste as little as possible.
5. Eat less meat.
6. Keep looking for innovation.
7. Cook more Asian food.
8. Start doing Sunday suppers with friends.

It's also the commencement of our annual "month of frugality." No eating out, no unnecessary expenses... just a small way of balancing out at least a portion of the excesses we have in our lives. For me, January is also a "dry" month -- no alcohol at all, not even the tiniest sip of wine (unless used for cooking... and in that case, the alcohol needs to be burned off).

So here's how the day went. A brunch of simple french toast (made with leftover bread that was just starting to go stale) served with chantilly cream... a stroll around the neighborhood... a constant stream of those delicious Santa Barbara pistacchios... and finally, hot pot with friends for dinner. The commonality between these things? Rich and satisfying in the depth of their simplicity.

Tomorrow, roasted bone marrow with a parsley salad. 2008 is already looking like a great year...

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