February 17, 2013

huitlacoche and squash blossoms

One of the great breakfast items during our quick jaunt to Mexico: quesadillas, made with a variety of interesting fillings. These two are filled with huitlacoche (corn smut) and sauteed squash blossoms, along with cheese. The tortillas were also made from scratch each morning.

Still craving quesadillas...

February 16, 2013

snow cream

Shaved ice cream from Blockheads Shavery in Los Angeles. This is combo #2: green tea ice cream, rice cake, red bean and condensed milk... Plus some honey pearls and mochi. A new twist on Hawaiian shave ice, and crazy good.

February 13, 2013

The best salsas

Made fresh every day with mortar and pestle, lightly smoky from the char off the grill, and a perfect level of heat. No unnecessary sweeteners here, just pure goodness. The love of Mexico continues...

February 12, 2013


Just a little poolside snack. Avocados are always so much creamier and more luscious in Mexico. Not fair...

February 4, 2013

Pulled pork sliders

The day after a brutal Super Bowl loss, a bit of consolation awaits. Sliders with the leftover pulled pork from the party. Unlike my mood, this improved overnight. Caramelized onions, tangy cabbage slaw, melted mozzarella and hot sauce. A salve for wounded sports fans' hearts.

February 2, 2013

แกงไตปลา "Gang Tai Pla"

A new dish at Little Uncle. Traditional southern Thai fish curry with eggplant, kabocha, bamboo and fermented fish paste. Powerfully spicy, warming to the core on a chilly February afternoon.