December 16, 2007

a chilly weekend = moderate hibernation

I've been cooped up inside almost all weekend working on a project and trying to stay warm. It's weird because it isn't brutally cold right now -- we're hovering in the mid-40s with the occasional sun-break -- but the days are still getting shorter so it just feels like its getting chillier. Weekends like this make us long for the bright Northern California sun.

A simple hot breakfast does wonders for waking me up. We've been eating some pretty rich, fatty foods lately, so it's about time to do something light, like an egg breakfast sandwich: Essential Bakery baguette, free-range egg over easy, and rocket dressed with a touch of meyer lemon juice and olive oil.

Thankfully, Lav's been in a bit of a knitting kick, so I'm bolstering my supply of scarves for when it's finally time to venture outside...

I forsee lots of braising in the coming weeks...

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  1. from sweden6:37 PM

    i like. simple is nice, and weekend morning breakfast is so wonderful.