April 10, 2007

Greece, day 4: farewell Mykonos, hello Santorini

Today was our final day of chic Mykonos, with its charming lattice of meandering pedestrian streets, its fancy Athenian tourists touting gigantic "i couldn't care less" sunglasses, and the wonderful sleepy-but-lively beachside ambiance of the town center. Oh, and adieu to our quirky but warmly engaging hosts at the Hotel Adonis.

We made a quick stop for: (1) HEALTHY: some delectable sandwiches on fresh-baked bread and a cappucino fredo (by far, the non-booze beverage of choice for the Athenians lounging beachside) at Piccolo, and (2) UNHEALTY: and rather gluttonously, another round of gyros from our favorite shop. Can't get enough!

Bellies full, we embarked on our 3 hour ferry to Santorini. We arrived just in time to drop off our luggage at our unbelievable villa and take a quick stroll over to Santo Winery for some wine tasting while gazing at a dazzling sunset over the caldera.

The winery makes a number of different greek wines -- our tasting included 12 different sips -- so at first, I was excited to try my hand at breaking down the flavors of each wine and drafting some long commentary on the comparative tastes to the types of varietals we're more accustomed to. But in all honesty -- and I really hate to say this -- I didn't really like any of the wines, and many had an excessive level of forgettable funk to them. So we switched gears and just hung out, relaxed, sipped sparingly, and basked in the glow of conversation between great friends in a stunningly picturesque setting.

On the reccommendation of our host, Niko, we had dinner at Pirgos Taverna (http://www.pyrgos-santorini.com/cuisine_en.php) an oddly-cylindrical shaped restaurant with fantastic views of the Santorini lowland slopes. We had a simple, satisfying meal, which included another fantastic greek salad and more of those insanely addictive tomato fritters.

At this point, we're trying to figure out how they make these fritters so incredibly crispy and with such concentrated bright tomato flavor... it makes you forget about how unhealthy these suckers must be. But hey, the Mediterranean diet is supposed to lead to longer life, right? At this rate, we're going to live forever.
Don't worry, were eating fresh fish and getting our omega-3's here and there...

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