June 18, 2008

I'm healthy... no wait, I'm not

Somehow, EG convinced me to train for the Kirkland Sprint Triathalon in September, so I'm just starting to take some steps toward getting back in shape... doing a little swimming, running, and even some cycling. That's right; over the weekend, Lav and I got bicycles -- something I thought would never happen -- so we did a little apres work bike ride to whet our appetites for dinner. Pretty healthy huh?

Until we got back. Somehow, we decided that the theme for our quick meal should be, of all things, bar food. Yeah, great for endurance training.

So I eyeballed some Campari, vermouth and gin and made a surprisingly balanced Negroni... the first I've ever made for myself that I've liked. Of course, I have no idea what proportions I used to strike that elusive balance (I'm not a fan of the classic 1:1:1 ratio). That went nicely with some fried coconut-crusted prawns (with a sweet chili sauce) and homemade potato chips with truffled salt.

Luckily, we rounded out the meal with one of Lav's awesome salads. Huge chunks of creamy, ripe avocado, sweet and crunchy sugar snap peas, lots of tomatoes... really good stuff.

If I keep this up, the triathalon is going to wreck me.

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