June 7, 2008

The Corson Building's big day

The day has finally arrived. The Corson Building had its first dinner service tonight to a private gathering, with none other than Anthony Bourdain as one of the guests. We stopped by to try and get a peek of the action, but no luck. The official opening should be within a week.

In the meantime, we had another spectacular meal at a restaurant I treasure too much to take a camera inside. But here's what we ate:

spot prawns with sea beans, dates and farro

wagyu tongue, fiddleheads, provolone

tagliatelle with natural morels, english peas, turada

grilled yellowfin tuna, fennel, olives, lemon

spicy broccoli with marcona almonds

harukei turnips with pancetta and sara

guinea fowl roasted with porcini, pine nuts and parsley

duck egg with duck ham and mustard greens

orange crepes with sauteed dates

It is impossible to have anything but a fantastic meal here. And the superb staff make it just that much more enjoyable.

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