January 26, 2008

some Christmas images of the Bay Area

The weather has been decidedly chilly for some time now here in Seattle, and while we did have nearly an entire week of brilliantly blue, cloudless skies, the temperature has been hovering a little too close to freezing. No better time than now to look back at some final pictures of last month's trip back to the Bay Area.

among the highlights: ricotta pancakes, new guinea roast, sketch (remodeled), absinthe, solano cellars, k&k, dim sum, pearl tea, fpc berkeley, sunny skies.

Some pretty exciting changes are coming up... we're in the last month of our lease in our current apartment (which, unfortunately, is way too cold downstairs), and we'll be moving to a beautiful, inspiring new rental house in south Seattle at the end of February--which has a fireplace and is Built Green!!!


  1. South Seattle is where it's at! Are we going to be neigbors?

  2. oooh sketch ice cream and fantasia pearl tea ... i recognize those two anywhere. nice.