September 20, 2007

Some food for thought

I came across a few interesting things today that I wanted to share.

First, a great blog post on Sitka and Spruce -- one of the more amazing restaurants in Seattle -- from a few weeks ago on tastingmenu. I think this post captures the excitement and anticipation of eating at Sitka particularly well, and the brief video interview clip gives some nice insight.

Also, on a day when newspapers were mostly reporting on Dan Rather's $70 million lawsuit against CBS (yawn), the continuing free fall in the subprime mortgage industry (yawn), Floyd Landis' unsuccessful challenge of his doping charge (yawn), and the unbelievable treatment of the Jena 6 (disturbing and disappointing), Kim Severson had an insightful, balanced article on a lunch with Alice Waters (which contained my favorite word of the moment: eco-gastronomy).

Lastly, kudos on new raves for the gang at Medlock Ames, who continue to produce magnificent, heart-felt wines.

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