September 14, 2007

Skillet Street Food: Gourmet gone mobile

I've been living in South Lake Union for about 6 months now, and we love our neighborhood. Apart from the fact that much of the area is a big construction ditch thanks to the non-stop, take-no-prisoners trappings of Paul Allen's Vulcan development company, it's a great place to live. Just a tad off-set from Belltown, downtown, and Capitol Hill, we have a cool little neighborhood full of history, quirks, and unique little treasures... like Skillet Street Food.

Essentially a gourmet food operation run by a couple of guys--Josh and Danny--out of a converted Airstream (that cracks me up... only in Seattle dude), Skillet parks itself three blocks away from our apartment on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Unfortunately, they're only open for breakfast and lunch, so I haven't been able to partake. But L took a stroll over to check out the operation this week and had lots of positive things to say.

The kobe beef slider with fries. L said it looked super juicy.

For herself, L ordered the walnut-crusted chicken sandwich (with an apple fennel slaw and a roasted shallot aioli) and a healthy portion of poutine--crisp golden fries covered in white cheddar and gravy. NICE. "Oh, Canada" anyone?

L's verdict on the poutine? Super good when hot, but not so hot when not.

The guys were really cool about L taking photos, and before she left, they passed her a little dessert gnosh, gratis: grilled bread with nutella and grapes.

I wonder if I can convince them to come over to the Microsoft parking lot at lunch...

Skillet in Seattle

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