September 9, 2007

A perfect Saturday

Here's my version of a pretty fantastic Saturday:

1. Mom is out of the hospital and resting up at home.

2. L got a loaf of challah from school on Friday for Shabbat. The awesome soft and pillowy egg bread is perfect for french toast. Some fresh figs and an "emergency" blackberry compote (we had no syrup anywhere, go figure), and breakfast was set.

3. Ate at Eva the night before and spotted Hiroki across the street... a tiny little unassuming bakery/cafe making amazing cakes, tarts and other treats. I had the frangipane and plum cake, while L went with the mango pot-de-creme. Both had a fantastic finesse and delicate touch to their flavor, with just the right amount of balanced sweetness. Killer.
Hiroki Dessert, Espresso & Tea in Seattle

4. On our way back home, we stumbled across the Seattle Tilth Fall Harvest Fair at the Meridian Park in Wallingford (a magical little refuge of a park), home of the beautiful Good Shepherd learning garden.

5. Finally had a chance to check out Pete's Super Market, my new absolute favorite place to buy wine in Seattle. Totally unexpected; totally awesome selection.

6. Headed home and broiled some miso-marinated black cod for our standard "ridiculously easy, ridiculously good" dinner option.

7. Saw a film at the Harvard Exit, which is just about the greatest place to see a movie -- especially because of the addictive, super trans-fatty popcorn.

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