January 13, 2010

Thinking of Haiti

Photo: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Port-au-Prince destroyed. Unknown thousands of people killed. Survivors at risk without access to food, shelter or clean water. Devastation everywhere.

Yesterday, LaV taught me the Hebrew translation of Psalm 121:1-2...

Esa eynai el heharim mayayin yavo ezri ezri mayeem adonai oseh shayim va’aretz.(“I lift up my eyes to the mountains. What is the source of my help? My help comes from God who made heaven and earth.”

Haiti, you are in my prayers.

If you're looking for an organization accepting donations to support relief efforts, check out One Day's Wages, a local Seattle non-profit organization that is raising money for World Concern, whose team was already established in Haiti and is currently assisting with efforts to provide clean water to survivors.

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