August 3, 2009

tribute to kogi and marination mobile

Now that L's brother and sister are both in Los Angeles, I occasionally check out the Los Angeles Times food blog. Back in February, I first read about a phenomenon that had previously only been known to foodists in Southern California: Kogi. Shortly thereafter, the New York Times did a piece on Kogi as well, helping their fame--and their use of Twitter--go national. A Korean taco truck? What's not to like? Now, we've even got Marination Mobile, our very own Twitter-powered Korean/Hawaiian taco truck up here in Seattle.

I live too far away to try Kogi, and I haven't had a chance to check out Marination Mobile yet, but we had some leftovers from a dinner we hosted this weekend, so I thought we'd make a little Asian-inspired taco of our own.

Kogi and Marination Mobile, here is my tribute to you. I'm going to call it teriyaki-glazed chicken taco with sesame wakame salad, crispy fried chicken skin and Sriracha.

Keep up the good work...

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