August 9, 2009

a meal for some hard working folks

We had an opportunity last weekend to host a dinner for a group of hard-working pastors and their families at our home. With lots of folks pitching in to help with set up, plating, serving and child care, we were able to throw a bunch of different flavors/tastes at our guests. It was exciting to use some of the produce from our own gardens in the meal, like our fava beans (really happy with how those turned out), squash blossoms, Japanese cucumber… and of course, our Sun Gold tomatoes—the first variety to ripen.

the menu

garden fava beans, chevre, pineapple mint

fried squash blossoms
chevre, sauteed summer squash, pine nuts

freezer-set quail egg yolk
balsamic syrup, pecorino, parsley

kumomoto oyster
japanese cucumber, shallot, lime, olive oil

hamachi crudo
japanese cucumber, shiso + white balsamic vinaigrette

farmers' market beefsteak, garden sun golds, mozzarella, basil

field greens
chicken, gooseberry, balsamic syrup, parmiggiano, cracked almonds

seared scallop
bacon, wakame, favas

spaghetti e vongole
taylor’s manila clams, fish stock reduction

roasted bone-in ribeye
balsamic reduction, thyme

tonnemaker hill market cherries

and just a few of the pictures...

With the beautiful weather of a perfect summer evening, I was reminded of the bounty of summer produce, the joy of al fresco dining, and the perfection of sharing a meal with great company.

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