April 18, 2009

hopelessly behind, wholly overwhelmed by Spain

Everything they said was true. I had over the top expectations for Spain, but those expectations have been exceeded.

Our journey through Spain has been non-stop--full of amazing sights, sounds, smells, flavors, and people. There are so many food-related things to blog about, describe, remember and savor--including one of the best overall meals of my life, and one of the best composed dishes I've ever had--but there just hasn't been any down time to relax, digest (both mentally and physically), and gather my thoughts.

I figure I'm about six blog posts behind, and those will just have to get done sometime over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with one of my favorite tips for Barcelona provided to us by our hotel:

Be aware at all times, do not let yourself be cheated. If you are offered flowers in the street and the sellers are standing very close to you, they are trying to pickpocket your wallet. If people come up to you pointing to a "stain" on your clothing, they are trying to pickpocket you. If, when you are driving around in a car, and you stop at a traffic light, when someone tells you that you have a flat tire, or the car is on fire: do not leave the car, lock the doors and drive a short distance before making sure that it is not true and that they were trying to rob you.

Luckily, we encountered none of these issues during our stay in Barcelona, which ended up being my favorite city on this trip.

We have never eaten like this before... never so well over such a short, concentrated span of time--with such a wide range of foods and so many consistently amazing experiences. But now, it's time to go an a raw food diet and hit the gym hard. It's hard to leave; I already want to come back.

More details and pictures to come...

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