July 15, 2008

The sustainability of ocean life

Two recent experiences at restaurants served as good reminders of the need to stay aware of our impact on the environment, whether direct or as a secondary effect.

While in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, we stopped by Rodney's in Yaletown for some afternoon oysters only to find that the oyster happy hour had been temporarily suspended due to major production issues at oyster farms all along the Pacific Northwest. A few days later, while having sushi at Miyabi, Masa commented on the declining availability of good bluefin tuna -- which we've already generally stopped ordering in favor of other options -- due to overconsumption (and the declining value of the dollar).

Here are a couple of recent articles that talk about both issues:

A warning from the sea: Oyster 'seeds' are dying as Pacific Coast waters grow warmer

EU to ban Med bluefin tuna fishing

Here's to being mindful of the enormous impact of our ever-growing patterns of consumption (and over-consumption)...

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