September 19, 2009

summer squash + pizza

The summer squash we planted in the garden has been far more productive than we ever imagined, and at this point, it's getting completely out of control---we've been passing out our surplus (along with our plums) to anyone willing to take it. The plant has produced some really nice, lightly sweet squash, and we've been supplied with an abundance of squash blossoms all summer long.

This evening, looking for a way for me to load up on some carbs for the triathalon tomorrow morning, we made a simple pizza of sliced summer squash, potatoes, rosemary, mozzarella and gouda, and a single blossom that was growing off the squash we picked from the garden. Tossed into a blistering 550 degree F oven, and the magical alchemy of a thin crust with fresh toppings emerges.

The flavors of the pizza felt as transitional as the seasons, as fall is definitely trying to creep in. Thankfully, it it looks like we have at least another week of this incredible Seattle summer left... just enough for one more harvest of tomatoes.

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