May 3, 2009

our first real garden

At the risk of completely living up to the stereotype, L and I have just finished setting up our new organic garden. This weekend was perfect for this project... beautifully sunny skies interrupted by a few periods of good, solid rain. We started with a visit to Seattle Tilth's annual edible plant sale, made a quick stop by Home Depot for some extra supplies, and a few hours of work later, we had 56 square feet of healthy soil boosted by additional organic soil and compost, arranged into four rows of raised beds and surrounded by chicken wire to (hopefully) keep the wild rabbits from eating everything before we do.

L picked some terrific plants and seeds to create a balanced garden. Our great hope is for five varieties of delicious tomatoes and some sweet corn by mid-summer, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our four little seedlings of romanesco cauliflower.

My back is a bit sore and my legs are tired, but it's a good feeling after a productive weekend. Now, we just need the sun to cooperate and do a little work for us...


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    stereotype of what? food lovers?

  2. yeah, you know the story: food enthusiast enjoys restaurants, tries different restaurants, starts blogging, practices food photography as a hobby (but in my case, with no real photo-fishing software or skills)... and eventually plants a garden. in seattle, of all places... like why wasn't i doing this in california, where everything grows so easily!!!