March 12, 2008

settling in and getting to know the Tuk

Now that we have a bit of a yard, Lav's been getting more and more excited each day to get a garden started. The first seeds have been planted and started indoors, and every day, the tiny green shoots of arugula, basil, edamame, shiso, sage and ruby chard start poking out of the dirt and reaching for the sky. There's even some activity from the seeds she planted straight into the ground... so now were dreaming of the nifty little strikingly fresh salads we'll be able to make in the coming seasons.

We ran into our fantastic landlords A&B over the weekend and got to talking about some of the native trees on the property, like the hazelnut and pear trees (pictured below)... the ridiculous amounts of juicy plums to expect... the crazy cherry trees where all the fruit is going to be 20 feet off the ground... not to mention the dozens and dozens of plantings A&B have put in. It's like being surrounded by the ethos of nature's bounty.

We took a little stroll through our quirky, homey new neighborhood. Here are some of the things we saw.

Already feels like home.

Quick afterthought--Ok, I'm watching the first episode of this season's Top Chef right now, and it seems pretty interesting. But dude, there are some SERIOUS chefs on this show this year. Are half of these folks from San Francisco? Coco500 (yum), Le Cirque, and Richard Blais???? As in, the dude whose restaurant we visited in Atlanta? As in, Richard "I've competed in Iron Chef" Blais? And wow, lots more swearing. Crazy.


  1. the tuk never looked so good. it must be your camera! :)

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