February 14, 2008

work-life balance and Valentine's day

Work has been busy... too busy.

That's one of my least favorite phrases. No matter how much you enjoy what you do, I think its important to have balance in your life. Getting too absorbed into the commitments of work means that you necessarily have less time to devote to the other priorities of your life. And right now, I still want a huge variety of different things to be occupying my time.

But that doesn't help with the immediate dilemma: work is too busy, and it's Valentine's Day. Is it possible to make a respectably special Valentine's dinner for two with no time for early prep or planning, if I won't be getting home from work until after 7:20 pm?


Tonight's menu (as conceived on the drive home from work):

field greens
citrus vinaigrette and creamy marinated bleu cheese

steak "au poivre"
iron skillet ribeye, scotch-coffee au poivre

flash sauteed with garlic and olive oil

2003 whispering dove reserve cabernet sauvignon, stags leap

"local" indian sweets, lav's homemade jelly buttons

Even when things are going crazy, there's time to sit down, have a special meal and spend time with each other. That is, until "Lost" starts and monopolizes Lav's attention for 57 minutes...

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