May 20, 2007

International Cheese-Fest

It's the second half of May, and out of nowhere came a crazy one-day winter rain storm. I think even the native Seattle folks were surprised. Tomorrow, of course, will be mostly clear skies and 75 degrees. Ah, Seattle weather...

No matter. It was the Third Annual Seattle International Cheese Festival, and blessed with good parking karma, I -- along with festival enthusiast GB -- would not be deterred. Rumored to be a showcase of over 200 different cheeses from a variety of US and international producers, the festival did not disappoint.

While we didn't make our way through anywhere close to 200 cheeses, we did get to sample almost two dozen, including some fantastic varieties of stilton, cheddar, triple creme, chevre, and gouda... and one crazy cheese that tasted like it had been washed in beer. I was proud to see the good folks from Point Reyes Cheese holding down the fort for California.

I think my calcium quota has been met for the week.

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