March 4, 2007

a little twist on soba

After an inspirational trip to Uwajimaya (which totally lived up to the hype), I tried a quick and easy flavor combination for today: Warm soba soaked in Shirakiku Tsuyu, served with red bell pepper, a gently poached quail egg and wasabi tobiko. In this dish, I wanted to see if two different types of eggs could be matched to unify fundamentally different, but (hopefully) complementary, expressions.

Having the wasabi infused in tobiko instead of dissolved directly in the tsuyu kept the familiar flavor, but as a distinct, separate component -- with that fantastic little "pop" factor. The yolk of the quail egg coated the soba to add a smooth dimensional depth and roundness to the texture and flavor. Who knew wasabi and egg yolk would pair so nicely?

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