January 16, 2007

when illness kills your appetite

So Lav and I were psyched for a weekend extravaganza in Seattle (albeit, a bit frigid), involving a decent amount of culinary exploration... until I got hit with a nasty bug. I had no appetite for two and a half days -- actually, the thought of eating made me feel a bit queasy at times... so we missed out on some of our targets (although we did make it to elemental @ gasworks for a uniquely engaging dining experience). It definitely makes you appreciate the sensation of having an appetite. Ah, the sunday supper at Sitka and Spruce will happen eventually...

It also made me think of how, too often, we satisfy ourselves (with things like food, material possessions, or otherwise) when we don't have a true need or appetite... like overindulging at dinner, eating that extra small plate, ordering yet another glass of wine...

Despite my being sick, we still had a fantastic weekend spending time with each other, accompanied by beautiful, clear skies over Seattle (believe it or not)... we caught amazing views of the Cascades, the Olympics, and Mt. Rainier. Maybe that's all we really needed.

Of course, on the morning we left, I was almost 100% healthy again. Go figure.

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